Zach Wilson: I need to get the ball out of my hands faster

One of the things that got mentioned in most scouting reports of quarterback Zach Wilson heading into the draft was his ability to extend plays and make things happen when things go off schedule for the offense, but that hasn’t worked quite as well in the NFL.

Wilson has been pretty successful when he gets the ball out of his hands in 2.5 seconds — 26-of-34 for 158 yards and a touchdown — but things nosedive sharply from there and he’s taken eight of his 15 sacks when holding the ball for more than 4.5 seconds. Those kinds of splits are common for quarterbacks and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur said that “the longer you hold on the ball, the worse it is going to get” for any player.

That makes it clear what Wilson needs to do in the future.

“If the pocket’s breaking down quicker, I need to be able to get the ball out of my hands faster,” Wilson said, via DJ Bien-Amie II of the New York Daily News. “Sometimes if I got to skip a couple reads and get the ball to my check downs, feeling that, and it’s really just reacting to what they’ve given me. I think every single week that can just keep getting better.”

The Titans will be this week’s test for Wilson and his ability to process things quickly enough to avoid the kind of disasters that have plagued him the last two weeks.