Woman who ‘couldn’t find dog’ left in stitches after checking security footage

A dog owner who thought her pet had gone missing managed to solve the case after checking her security camera – and the footage has now gone viral.

The camera, set up in the back garden of the home, captures the moment a woman begins to move garden furniture from the lawn to the patio as the dog watches on.

When she picks up a garden chair, the furniture obscures the view in front of her as she unknowingly places the hollow base of the chair on top of her pet, trapping it inside.

The dog is fully compliant, seemingly more than happy with its new living situation as it doesn’t make any noise to alert its owner about what has happened.

The woman adjusts the seat before moving on to the rest of the garden and the clip was uploaded to TikTok with a caption to reassure its 1.1 million viewers stating: “The dog was not harmed and was soon found chilling under the chair.”

Wording on the video reads: “When your auntie can’t find her dog. Luckily the chair was hollow and the dog was not harmed,” and explained that the pet was only in the chair for 10 minutes before being found.”

One viewer commented to say: “But imagine if they didn’t have the camera there”, and the person who uploaded the clip replied to joke: “He would still be under there.”

A second wrote: “The fact the dog just accepted fate” and a third said: “Any money the dog would have absolutely loved his new den.”

And another added: “Nan did this but with my cat in the linen drawer under the bed… she was there for six hours asleep and my nan was so panicked.”